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 • Counter Strike Condition Zero

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PostSubject: • Counter Strike Condition Zero   Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:39 pm


Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is the one version to single-player of Counter Strike, game that fame for its way gained to multiplayer solid and uninterrupted action. Condition Zero, however, is only one adaptation of each one of the existing missions in game original with graphs and small modified visual details. The difference is that, instead of competing against truth players, the enemies are controlled dolls for the artificial intelligence of the computer.

But which would be the missions of the original game? , In case that the reader is other people's to this heading of enormous importance of the market of the games of the last years, I make here a reminder well: two antagonistic teamses, a terrorist and an antiterrorist, fight themselves enter itself leaving of opposing points in the map while one of these teams must obstruct the plans of the teams adversary.

The mission varies to each map, as to save hostages of the group of the terrorists, to take an important individual up to one determined point or to install explosives in order to make a terrorist act. To each death and victory of the round, money is gained to buy more powerful vests, pistols and rifles. It does not have main plot or linearity between the phases.

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• Counter Strike Condition Zero
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